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    Comprehensive Grounds Maintenance Programs by ICONIC CPS
    At ICONIC CPS, we ensure our grounds maintenance programs are cutting-edge by utilizing the latest technology and the ICONIC Online System (IOS). This system, equipped with GPS tracking, allows for meticulous monitoring and reporting. The IOS mobile app tracks staff locations in real-time, ensuring they adhere to their assigned schedules. Parameters for shift times are set within the system; if an employee fails to log in or out as scheduled, an alert is sent to the operations supervisor. This not only guarantees efficiency but also enhances staff safety by continuously tracking their movements.

    Expert Grounds and Garden Maintenance
    Our proficient garden care teams are equipped to handle a variety of tasks, from maintaining expansive grounds and garden beds to trimming trees and shrubs. We also specialize in creating new landscapes tailored to your preferences.

    Construction Services
    Retaining Walls, Pathways, and Outdoor Entertainment Areas: We build functional and aesthetically pleasing structures.
    Rainwater Harvesting and Sprinkler Systems: Installation of rainwater tanks and automatic irrigation systems for efficient water use.
    Lawn Care
    Our comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Program includes:
    Regular mowing
    Lawn replacement services for tired or damaged grass
    We cater to both small and medium-sized lawns as well as broad acreage grounds.
    Garden Bed Replanting
    We offer expert advice on plant selection, prepare garden beds, and provide ongoing care to ensure
    vibrant displays throughout the year.

    Tree and Shrub Trimming
    Our skilled team safely trims and shapes trees, shrubs, and hedges. We can also manage large tree removal, stump grinding, and leaf litter clearance.

    Leaf and Rubbish Removal
    Our team handles the removal of accumulated leaf litter and waste, offering services such as mulching or complete disposal.

    Garden Mulching
    We prepare and replenish garden beds with various mulch options to prevent weed growth and retain soil moisture. Our experts recommend the best materials, including pebbles, fine or coarse mulch, and compost.

    Landscaping Projects
    Our experienced landscapers can redesign and create stunning landscapes, handling every step from selection to planting.

    Rainwater Tank Installation
    Our trade services include installing and connecting rainwater tanks to existing plumbing and irrigation systems, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

    Commitment to Health and Safety
    ICONIC CPS prioritizes health and safety, with all policies recorded in the ICONIC CPS Online System (IOS). This system covers:

    Induction and Training
    Incident Reporting
    Risk Assessments
    Environmental Reports
    Toolbox Meetings
    Chemical Minimisation: We replace traditional chemicals with Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology, using only water, and when necessary, we use GECA-approved chemicals. We collaborate with clients to meet recycling and environmental goals.
    Staff Training and Support
    Our team is fully trained and supported by supervisors to achieve optimal outcomes. All staff wear distinctive uniforms, carry photo IDs, and use the IOS mobile app for communication and safety.Additionally, every staff member has a current Working with Children Check, Police Check, and is fully vaccinated.

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