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    CONIC CPS is dedicated to helping customers reduce their environmental impact through effective waste management strategies. By analyzing and managing different waste streams, ICONIC CPS aims to minimize landfill waste and promote sustainability.

    Waste Stream Segregation and Management
    ICONIC CLEANING CPS assists clients in setting up comprehensive Waste Management and Recycling
    Programs. These programs segregate waste into specific streams for better management:

    Paper & Cardboard
    Commingled Recycling (Aluminium, Glass, and Plastic)
    Perishable & Food Waste
    General Waste
    Toner Cartridges
    To facilitate this, ICONIC CPS designs customized waste disposal stations and implements a color-coded system to minimize cross-contamination. This structured approach offers significant environmental benefits and helps in detailed waste reporting.

    Key Initiatives
    ICONIC CLEANING CPS has introduced several initiatives to improve waste management practices:

    Organic Waste Bins: For food waste, supporting downstream processing in on-premises worm farms to produce nutrients for gardens.Dedicated Bins for Paper and Cardboard: Separate from plastic and metal recyclables.
    Desktop Paper Bins: Allow easy participation in recycling, with waste consolidated into central 240L bins.
    Toolbox Training: Conducted with client representatives to implement recycling changes and educate on the color-coded bin system.
    Chemical Minimization: Reducing chemical use by substituting with Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology, which uses only water. When chemicals are necessary, only Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) approved products are used.
    Staff Training and Support

    ICONICCLEANING CPS ensures that all staff are:

    Fully Trained: Provided with detailed work instructions based on specifications.
    Supported by Supervisors: To achieve desired outcomes.
    Easily Identifiable: Wearing distinctive uniforms and carrying photo IDs.
    Equipped for Safety: Using the custom AOS mobile app for communication and safety, especially when working alone.
    Compliant with Regulations: Holding current Working with Children Checks, Police Checks, and being fully double vaccinated.
    By working closely with clients, ICONIC CPS aims to meet recycling and environmental objectives effectively, contributing to a more sustainable future.


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