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    conic provides high-quality, affordable cleaning services tailored for educational facilities. Our team holds necessary approvals and checks for safety. With unique challenges posed by student density, we prioritize cleanliness for the health and well-being of all students, creating a welcoming environment for visitors.
    Early education centres
    Preschools and kindies
    Government and state primary and secondary schools
    Catholic and other private schools
    Universities and TAFEs
    Pilot training schools
    Inside Classrooms, Lecture auditoriums, Training and prac rooms, Computer and IT rooms
    Labs and science workshops
    Staff amenities
    Administration blocks facilities
    Toilets, showers and changerooms
    Hallways and walkways
    School lunchrooms
    Outdoor lunch areas
    All common areas including entrances and exits
    Gymnasiums and other sporting facilities
    Fire exits and stairwells
    A typical cleaning routine of our school cleaners include cleaning tasks such as:
    Emptying all internal and external bins
    Cleaning all amenities
    Wiping down student desks and tables
    Cleaning teachers’ tables and desks
    Wiping clean the backs of chairs and seats
    Wiping doors and handles
    Cleaning windows, sills and tracks
    Vacuuming the floors
    Moping and disinfecting all floors
    Spot cleaning visible wall marks such as crayon or pen
    Cleaning cabinets and shelving

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