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    conic offer a comprehensive range of hygiene services and products for bathrooms, tailored to the needs of your high-profile clients in Australia. Your emphasis on the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards in heavily trafficked environments is commendable.

    Your range of services includes:
    Sanitary disposal units: Ensuring proper disposal of sanitary waste to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
    Urinal and WC sanitisers: Products to sanitize and maintain the cleanliness of urinals and toilet bowls.
    Urinal and WC deep clean: Thorough cleaning services to keep urinals and toilets free from dirt and bacteria buildup.
    Air fresheners: Products to keep the air in bathrooms fresh and pleasant.
    Nappy disposal: Providing safe and hygienic disposal solutions for nappies.
    Sharps disposal: Proper disposal solutions for medical sharps to ensure safety.
    Hygiene treatment programs: Customized programs to address specific hygiene needs and maintain cleanliness standards.
    Antibacterial toilet seat wipes: Wipes for sanitizing toilet seats, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
    In addition to these services, you offer a variety of bathroom essentials, including:
    Hand towel: Both rolls and folded options for hand drying.
    Dispensers: Dispensers for soaps, towels, tissues, and other hygiene products.
    Toilet paper: Offering tissues and rolls for toilet use.
    Facial tissues: Providing tissues for facial use.
    Soap: Liquid, foam, and antibacterial options for hand hygiene.
    Sanitary stations: Stations for proper disposal of sanitary products.
    Bathroom accessories: Including products like Urinal Wave for additional hygiene measures.

    By offering this comprehensive range of services and products, you ensure that your clients’ bathroo facilities remain clean, hygienic, and pleasant for their visitors. The emphasis on measuring hygienerelated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) underscores your commitment to maintaining high standards throughout your contracts.

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