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    eneral cleaning includes deep cleaning, vacuuming and dust/dirt/cobwebs removing of all corners of any given facility which cleans below areas. These services are provided by a team of employees who have lot of experiences on this field. Our company owned high tech machines and equipment’s are rare in the industry when compared with our competitors.

    a.. Entire floor, wall, and ceiling areas.
    b. All washrooms and pantries
    c. All Common areas
    d. Internal windows and door
    e. Furnitures
    f. Exterior windows, claddings, and façade (When applicable)
    g. Gutters and down pipes (When applicable)
    h. Internal drainage pipes (When applicable)
    i. Garden area (When applicable)
    j. Waste removal

    General cleaning services mostly provided on below grounds

    a. Deep cleaning for facilities on weekly, forth night, monthly, biannually, or annually
    b. Deep cleaning for pre-sale or for end of leasing period of facilities
    c. Deep cleaning for Initial and post-constructions of newly constructed/ renovated buildings

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